Popular DeFi Wallet MetaMask Gets First Ever Custody Solution

Abstract security cloud technology concept

The nascent world of decentralized finance (DeFi) has until now been avoided by institutional investors because of its perceived lack of security. Due to the nature of a decentralized system, the provision of custody has been difficult since coins can’t be safeguarded in a traditionally centralized manner. Now, Cactus Custody, a new custodial solution powered by Matrixport, has become the…

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Top Gitcoin Grantee ‘Burner Wallet’ Ships v2.2; Adds On-Chain, Encrypted Chat, Uniswap-Powered Exchange


In a video uploaded to YouTube earlier today, software engineer Austin Griffith (Director of Research, Gitcoin) demonstrated version 2.2 of his Ethereum-powered Burner Wallet. The upgrade allows users to send encrypted on-chain messages to one another, as well as import their private key. Additionally, a fully functional xDai-to-DAI-to-ETH exchange was made available in the v2.2 update. Enabling such a feature…

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Compound-, Dharma-based Crypto Lending Platform Bloqboard Launches New Feature to Empower Lenders


Bloqboard – a non-custodial digital asset lending platform for collateralized loans originated, settled, serviced, and managed on the Ethereum network and powered by Dharma and Compound – has today announced the release of a new feature they call ‘Offers to Lend’. This provides lenders with the ability to offer prospective borrowers their cryptoassets for peer-to-peer loans issued on the Dharma…

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WANLab ICO Project CryptoCurve (CURV) Partners With Wanchain (WAN)

shaking hands to seal a deal concept

On Tuesday, it was announced that Wanchain (WAN) – an interoperable blockchain – has agreed to officially partner with one of its six WANLab accelerator projects, CryptoCurve (CURV), “to become the ‘Front-End of Wanchain.’” From Wanchain’s perspective, the decision to permit CryptoCurve the responsibility to handle its front-end design, user-experience (UX), amongst other things, appears sound. Indeed, CryptoCurve (see: pitch…

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Qtum Blockchain Gets Bodhi Helping Hand; Announces Qx, QDex, Qrypto

silhouette of helping hand concept

Bodhi (BOT), the first-ever decentralized app (dApp) to be built atop the Qtum blockchain, has announced on Tuesday that they will collaborate alongside Qtum to create three projects; all of which are designed to enhance the Qtum ecosystem and, by extension, the QTUM virtual token (a top-20 cryptocurrency by market cap). Tuesday’s official statement noted that “the code of all…

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Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin forced to distance himself from “secret meeting” of “Ethereum management committee”

secret business meeting around clock table

Co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin has taken to Twitter to respond to allegations that a “secret meeting” occurred in Toronto this week which looked to establish a “plutocratic government” over the Ethereum blockchain. Last week a Coinbase article described a two day private meeting with “top researchers” gathering to “discuss how decisions should be made on ethereum”. Called “EIP:0”, present…

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Ethereum Interoperability: POA Network Makes Crypto History By Announcing World’s “First Production Cross-Chain Bridge”

Red neon POA Network cryptocurrency symbol

On Saturday, POA Network (POA) revealed that “the launch of the first production cross-chain bridge in blockchain history [will go live] on May 10th.” Such a feat will soon mean that users will harness the ability to send POA tokens back and forth between the POA network and the Ethereum network. POA Network are happy to introduce you to POA…

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MEW issue “Pro-Tips” on how to stay safe following a DNS attack

green stay safe key on keyboard

Popular crypto wallet My Ether Wallet (MEW) has issued some advice on “How Not to get Scammed & Phished” As we reported yesterday, a DNS attack on the MEW website led to wallets automatically withdrawn to an address which later on moved the funds to different location. According to multiple reports, the stolen tokens were in the equivalent of at…

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Request Network Launches Mainnet On Ethereum; More Blockchains Await REQ

request network coin cartoon with thumbs up

On Friday, the Request Network Foundation continued its recent spate of encouraging news, releasing the inaugural version of their mainnet on top of the Ethereum main network. The beta of their mainnet enables users to send or request cryptocurrency payments. Whilst initially running on the Ethereum network, Request Network pleased readers by reaffirming that indeed, they “will extend Request Network…

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