Wednesday marked the realization of a significant milestone for SingularityNET (AGI) – a project building out a blockchain-enabled marketplace for AI algorithms – with Arif Khan (Marketing VP) announcing the private launch of the SingularityNET platform’s Beta version on the Ropsten network (i.e., one of the public testnets for Ethereum). With that, Khan also detailed the second and third of the three-phase launch of SingularityNET’s platform on the Ethereum mainnet – both of which will transpire this month.

The release of the test phase of the Beta comes more than a year after the Netherlands-domiciled SingularityNET conducted its (then record-breaking) 36-million-dollar initial coin offering (ICO) in exchange for 500,000,000 AGI tokens – half the total supply. The time since “was not easy” for the SingularityNET team, Khan admitted in today’s announcement, sharing the fact that certain staff members “spent countless nights working away” to solve various unforeseen challenges.

AI Firm Shows Human Touch

Despite these hurdles faced throughout 2018 – not to mention bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency market’s dramatic value slump – SingularityNET has managed to maintain a comparatively loyal following.

Acknowledging this, Khan revealed in Wednesday’s announcement that “the comments and suggestions of… community volunteers will be listened to and will eventually shape the evolution of the network moving forward.” 

Full-on February for SingularityNET

Launching the Beta version of the SingularityNET platform on the Ropsten testnet represents the first of a three-phase release; all of which will take place in February.

Indeed, with the first phase having been made available to “selected volunteers and community leaders,” SingularityNET will proceed to make its testnet Beta version publicly available on February 11th in order “to receive [additional] feedback and to further stress test the Beta.”

After acting on the feedback from [its] community,” SingularityNET will then – “towards the end of February” – launch the Beta version of its AI-focused platform on the Ethereum mainnet, according to today’s announcement.