South Korea Business School Offers Crypto MBA

In order for the cryptocurrency markets to thrive, more and more investors are going to have to enter the space. This also means that more cryptocurrency traders and investors need to learn about cryptocurrency, as well.

One country that has been particularly interested in cryptocurrency is South Korea. A major business school in South Korea is now offering a “Crypto MBA” now, following the lead of many other prestigious educational institutions as University of Pennsylvania and Cornell, which also offer blockchain-related courses, as well.

About The Course

Seoul School of Integrated Sciences And Technologies is commonly known as “Assist”, and now offers a year-and-a-half Crypto MBA program. The program will cover much discussed topics in cryptocurrency, such as smart contracts, game theory, decentralized apps, and other topics.

The school offered an official statement: “The mission of Assist business school’s Crypto MBA program is to remedy the lack of academic research and systematic education currently available in the industry, despite a high level of social interest in the blockchain and cryptocurrency.”

Education Trend

More universities around the world are offering courses related to cryptocurrency and blockchain, and this includes some of the most well-respected educational institutions in the world.

Emin Gun Sirer, an Associate Professor at Cornell University, recently spoke about how surprised he was at how many students were interested in learning about blockchain. He was stunned to find out that over 80 students had shown up to the class. For context, he said: “Usually when you have five to a dozen students in such a class, you’re teaching a popular class.”

The trend doesn’t appear to be slowing, either. In fact, in a new survey of hundreds of undergrad students – over a quarter of them are interested in taking a blockchain course, and almost 10% of those surveyed already have. The survey was conducted by Coinbase, in conjunction with research firm Qriously.

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