You will find plenty of Starburst slot sites out there because this game happens to be one of the most popular online slot games going around. The game was released in 2012 and quickly became a huge hit with players from around the world. There are numerous online casino sites out there who encouraged slot lovers to try the new game by offering them No Deposit bonus spins exclusives on this slot game.

This meant that players could try out this slot title without having to deposit any real money of their own. As a result, the popularity of Starburst has grown considerably over the years and today, the online slot is featured by all of the popular online casinos in the market. The craze for this slot game does not appear to be waning with the passing of time and unless a new slot similar to Starburst hits the market, Starburst will continue to captivate its set of slot admirers.   

What Is The Game All About?

Starburst by NetEnt Software is a 5-reel, 10-payline video slot game. It uses the theme of jewelry even though the game has a name that is more reminiscent of space. The game makes excellent use of color and interface design, making it feel very much like a modern game since it lines up with the graphical expectations of the current player demographic for video slots.starburst slot logo

This is an engaging and fun slot game that has gained most positive reviews from players around the world. Sure, there are a few rating sites out there where the game is rated as mediocre and gets a three-out-of-five rating but that just goes to show that not everyone has the same taste. Those who do enjoy Starburst cannot get enough of it.

The game is a unique from its symbolism to its combination of spaceships with jewelry, such that having stars serve as diamonds in the sky is presented in the game in the literal sense with its litany of colorful gems galore. It has an arcade feel to it because it is so superbly designed without being too overtly complicated or graphical. The game has Starburst Wilds that is based on the Starburst gemstone that is not only pretty to look at but signifies that your fortunes are going in the right direction when you see them at play.

How to Play

You will first need to find an online casino that offers this slot title and that shouldn’t be difficult at all as there are numerous iGaming sites out there. You will have to create an account, make a deposit and then place a bet for as little as 10p a spin or go all the way up to £100 a spin. You can then click or tap on the “Spin” button to see if Lady Fortune is smiling upon you or not.

The game is quite casual friendly because of its great mix of animated and musically pleasing gameplay with an easy-to-understand concept. You will not have to worry about a deep plot or underlying symbolism behind the gem icons you are trying to mix and match into winning combos.

Casual players generally want fast-paced gameplay and they will get exactly this when playing this slot title. Do keep in mind that there are numerous online casinos out there who offer free spins exclusively on this game. This is a great way for players to check out Starburst and see if they like the game and want to move over to real money play.

Special Features

A really good online slot title should have a great balance when it comes to gameplay, graphics, wild symbols and design. Aside from being unquestionably beautiful to the point of mesmerizing, the game and its brilliantly lit jewels on display also has a number of exciting bonuses galore that literally add monetary value to every virtual or digital jewel you get to match together in the 10 paylines available.

This is one of the reasons why many online casinos are happy to carry Starburst as they get to bring in a lot of revenue via this slot title thanks to the developer’s smart game design and gameplay choices. The Expanding Starburst Wild does this as it expands when they appear on any of the three middle reels. They will stay there for up to three respins, which greatly increases your chances of winning big.

The Starburst Wild bonus can also expand on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels in order to cover the entire reel, which allows you to get some quality wins and gemstone combos for every spin, with the reels re-spinning while the Starbursts stick on. However, one major reason why this title is not as highly rated despite its popularity is the lack of bonus or free spins. Sure, you can win up to £50,000 on offer with the Starburst Wilds, but the simple addition of bonus spins or free spins would have ensured that you do not have to put up a deposit.


This game will continue to be a player favorite due because it is a shiny and pretty game with a hypnotizing and rich cosmic soundtrack. As long as online casinos continue to promote this slot title by offering free spins exclusively on this game, online slot lovers will continue to check out this NetEnt masterpiece.

Starburst is certainly popular and mesmerizing with a niche market of slot lovers but it gets lower ratings compared to other comparable jewel-based video slot games because it has a small paytable, it lacks an in-game free spins feature and in classic one-armed bandit tradition, does not have a great reputation when it comes to large payouts.