Status, an open source mobile DApp browser and messenger built for the Ethereum blockchain, today announced a partnership with OmiseGO to further their common vision of opening up blockchain technology to everyone.

OmiseGO, which through its decentralized OMG network hopes to build financial inclusion and blockchain interoperability, described Status as “longtime friends” who shared “a vision of open #accesstotools for people all over the world.

The companies have known each other for some time, working together on various research projects and, more recently, the Ethereum Community Fund.

OmiseGO has thus far focused on developing open infrastructure and financial tools; Status will now work on “putting these tools into the hands and pockets of people around the world.

Cryptocurrency for the real world

For OmiseGO founder and CEO Jun Hasegawa cryptocurrencies need to “work for the needs of the real world.” The marrying of Status’s “multifaceted user-facing platform” with OMG’s infrastructure will bring “great value to the OMG Network” and the blockchain industry at large.

OMG is approaching the launch of DEX, its decentralised exchange, a network “on which any form of digital asset can be traded.” Status will be “working hands on with the OmiseGO team to ensure clean integration and optimization of this exchange within Status.”

The Status statement says that the new partnership will entail “cross collaboration between the teams” to ensure the integration proceeds smoothly, while also providing a new “source of users and user feedback for the OMG Network.”

Both parties are keen to point out that this partnership is driven by philosophy rather than short term expediency. OmiseGO and Status share “a common vision to make the world a more open and equitable place” by widespread access to the Ethereum blockchain, and they are “excited” for this working relationship to become a “long lasting partnership.”

The two companies both believe that cryptocurrency will only fulfil its potential if it is in the hands of normal people around the world. Widespread distribution and easy access will  “force the shift away from incumbent social systems” and towards “the use of cryptocurrencies and a viable global economy.”

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