Swiss Watchmaking Company Launching $100K Crypto Watch

There are certain countries and regions that simply dominate their industry to the point where they are associated with a certain standard. For example, Belgians are known for some of the best chocolate in the world, Germany is known for its incredible engineering with regards to the auto industry, and Switzerland is known for its excellence with regards to watchmaking.

It appears as though one of the most respected Swiss watchmaking companies, A. Favre & Fils, are looking to appeal to cryptocurrency investors, traders, and investors with their newest product, that will come with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet.

About The Product

For those who are unaware, one of the distinguishing characteristics of A.Favre & Fils is that it can actually trace its genealogy to show how the watchmaking tradition was passed on from generation to generation. The CEO of the company specifically appealed to the cryptocurrency community in a statement, saying: “We have developed this first timepiece with the idea of offering something useful for the crypto-community, not simply something to spend their money on.”

The product certainly will be marketed to the affluent, as the watch will cost around $100,000 at the very least. Specifically, a spokeswoman gave the range of $102,000 to $153,000, as a potential price range. This, of course, would depend on the model and features.

Watch Features

26729597 – man with suit and watch on hand

For those who are wondering about the exact features of the watch, the company is noticeably vague. However, it does state that the watch will “guarantee ultimate in-data security and privacy protection”, although how it will do so is unclear.

For those hoping to purchase the product immediately, you might be disappointed. The company announced that the first prototype of the new watch won’t be released until the second quarter of 2019.

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