Bitcoin (BTC) Price Trading Sideways as Volume Drops, Analysts Fear Red

Bitcoin chasing businessman in cryptocurrency price crash

Bitcoin has been trading sideways at the $7,800 level ever since the dip below $8,000 earlier this week, with volume steadily declining. While this alone isn’t an indicator or an incoming dip, sentiment amongst analysts seems to be leaning to the bearish side. The wave of positive headlines that dominated the news last week is starting to fade as Bitcoin…

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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Update: What is Causing the Fall Below $8,000?

Bitcoin flashed crashed to $7,791.23 early this morning as Asian markets opened, dragging the price down by almost 10 percent and wiping $12 billion of the market cap. Early yesterday it looked set to have a good week after opening strong and climbing throughout the day to a high of $8,602.72, so why this sudden drop? The current dip is…

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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Decimated by $9,000 Resistance Level, but This Rally is Far from Over

Concept of growth of the Bitcoin

After trading in the $8,700 to $8,800 range for the past few days, Bitcoin finally made its long-awaited break for $9,000 but got heavily rejected and knocked back down to $8,600. While some investors may be spooked by this movement, all indicators suggest it will likely be followed by even higher highs. The price tapped out at $9,090.94 before plummeting…

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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Predictions Get Wild as it Continues to Rise

Bitcoin is back at it, shooting up through the charts with no stopping in sight. Following a short period of consolidation after falling from recent highs of around $8,400, Bitcoin began to surge again yesterday and has broken a new 12-month high. If the current rally continues, investors may see all of their 2018’s losses recouped. As is customary when…

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Bitcoin, Guns, and Russian Hackers: CRYPTO Movie Trailer Starring Kurt Russell, Luke Hemsworth, Goes Live


The official movie trailer of the CRYPTO cyber-thriller has been uploaded on Monday by Rapid Trailer. Starring globally recognized Hollywood actors and actresses including Kurt Russell, Luke Hemsworth, Beau Knapp, and Alexis Bledel, the dramatic CRYPTO trailer portrays the story of an outcast Wall Street banker who manages to connect a rural art gallery to a global conspiracy involving the…

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Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto?

It might be strange to consider that an individual that has changed the world so much is still unknown to the world, but that truly is the case with Satoshi Nakamoto, the unknown inventor of Bitcoin. While there are certain clues as to the question of just who is Satoshi Nakamoto (he claims to be a man living in Japan,…

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World Gold Council Says Crypto Can’t Replace Gold

Ever since the Bitcoin (BTC) bull run of 2017 – it seems like everybody has been vocal about their opinions about cryptocurrency. Often times, there might be reasons for the opinion, and they might be part of an overall agenda. We have seen various finance executives downplay cryptocurrency, knowing that they represent a threat to traditional financial institutions. This includes…

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Kucoin Gives Back To Users, Offers Zero Trading Fees Until 2/21

It’s hard to argue that it’s a great time for cryptocurrency markets right now, given the fact that Bitcoin (BTC) has lost the majority of its value (from all-time highs), but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t successful cryptocurrency exchanges out there. One obvious example is Binance, which continues to expand globally and is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by…

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Pompliano Believes Bitcoin (BTC) Will Be A Global Reserve Currency

When it comes to cryptocurrency proponents, there are few as enthusiastic as Anthony Pompliano. Not only is Pompliano a founder and partner of cryptocurrency asset firm Morgan Creek Digital, but he also keeps many cryptocurrency lovers informed through his “Off The Chain” newsletter, as well. Pompliano hasn’t held his tongue when he feels that it’s a bearish time for cryptocurrency,…

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