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Germany Rolls Out Crypto Mobile Trading App

There are all sorts of perspectives and attitudes surrounding cryptocurrency and how it will affect the future. Of course, the media certainly helps to shape the narrative. For example, there are some countries and organizations that believe that it is an elaborate scheme to steal money from traders and investors, while other believe it’s the future of the global payments…

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Zhao Speaks About Potential Of Blockchain With Gaming

There is little doubt that blockchain will change the way that human beings interact with each other and the way that industries operate. However, many blockchain proponents are constantly wondering and debating about which industry will help the most regards with mass adoption. Well, it appears as though Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, has offered his opinion about a…

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Iran Plans State-Backed Cryptocurrency

Often times, when cryptocurrency enthusiasts and proponents think about cryptocurrency and decentralization, we think about the fact that we can provide a way for those who do not have access to traditional financial institutions to have a way to exchange money. We also think about free speech, and the fact that central authorities cannot manipulate currencies. However, there’s a drawback.…

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Crypto Winter Hasn’t Hit Zug Yet

There is one undeniable fact about markets and business – there are ups and downs, and times of growth and prosperity, and times where companies have to figure out how to cut costs as quickly as possible. While more people than ever are aware of blockchain and cryptocurrency, the markets still aren’t off to the best start, as it appears…

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Italy Might Pass First Blockchain Law

While there are countries that are still arguing about how exactly to classify or regulate cryptocurrency – it appears as though Italy is busy trying to figure out how to use blockchain technology in ways that could make the world more efficiently. Specifically, Italy’s Senate is exploring exactly how to allow for “timestamping” with respect to blockchain and validate documents…

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Malta Is The Crypto Trading Leader

We all know that there are all sorts of different perspectives that different countries have with regards to cryptocurrency. There are some governments that are embracing cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain startups with open arms, and others that are cracking down hard on the entire sector. However, Malta has now become the country with the largest crypto trading volume in the…

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WWF Utilizing Blockchain For Food Tracking

The WWF will be utilizing blockchain technology. For wrestling fans who might be used to the acronym – the WWF does not refer to the “World Wrestling Federation”, but instead refers to World Wildlife Fund. The well-known conservation fund boasts that this will help both businesses and consumers track food “from origin to consumer”. The announcement was made in a…

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Seoul Examining Blockchain Military Applications

In 2019, there is little doubt that blockchain technology will be utilized in a variety of sectors and industries. Over the years, there have been some obvious applications that blockchain is usually associated with, including sectors such as global payments, logistics, and data storage. Of course, this doesn’t mean that blockchain is limited to these sectors, by any means. In…

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First Canada Crypto Law Firm Launched

One aspect about the cryptocurrency markets is certain: there are many different countries who feel a different way about regulation, and there will be all sorts of legal work for many lawyers in the years to come. However, there is one lawyer that is actually planning on specializing in the crypto industry. For those that don’t know, one of the…

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Swiss Watchmaking Company Launching $100K Crypto Watch

There are certain countries and regions that simply dominate their industry to the point where they are associated with a certain standard. For example, Belgians are known for some of the best chocolate in the world, Germany is known for its incredible engineering with regards to the auto industry, and Switzerland is known for its excellence with regards to watchmaking.…

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