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Coinbase CEO Pledges Wealth For “The Greater Good”

There are few companies that are more important to the cryptocurrency sector than Coinbase, which is valued in the billions and already one of the most established “names” in the space. It appears as though the CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, understands that the wealth he has already accumulated can have a massive impact, and he has decided to donate…

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Coinbase Moves Billions In Crypto

If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast, or trade/invest in cryptocurrency; there is little doubt that you are aware of Coinbase. The San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange is widely considered one of the most important companies in the sector, and has been valued in the billions, despite the fact that it has been a tough year for cryptocurrency markets in general. For…

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Coinbase Supports Syrian Refugees In Greece With Bitcoin (BTC)

Coinbase is still going strong with its “12 Days of Coinbase”, a twist on the popular refrain and song, “12 Days Of Christmas”. It appears as though this is another announcement in conjunction with GiveCrypto, a nonprofit that seeks to distribute cryptocurrency to those in need as quickly and efficiently as possible. How It Works This time, Coinbase will supporting…

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Coinbase Gives Away Crypto

Coinbase is one of the most widely used platforms in the cryptocurrency sector, which is why it has recently been valued at $8 billion. However, it appears on the second day of its series, “The 12 Days Of Coinbase”, the company is thinking about how it can give back to the community. In fact, Coinbase is teaming up with GiveCrypto…

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Coinbase Expands WeGift Partnership

There is little doubt that Coinbase is one of the most important companies in the cryptocurrency sector, and has made strategic acquisitions in the space for some time now. In fact, the startup is now reportedly worth $8 billion. It’s also one of the most recognizable names in the sector. During the cryptocurrency bull run of late 2017, the company…

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Coinbase Considering Adding Ripple (XRP)

During a year where many cryptocurrency investors are having their faith tested – Ripple (XRP) has stood out as a cryptocurrency project that has gained more traction than ever. Specifically, Ripplenet has recently formed a partnership with the multi-billion dollar Malaysian group CIMB. However, this isn’t the only partnership that Ripple – based in San Francisco – was able to…

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