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New Rules For Crypto In Venezuela

Venezuela has been in the news more than ever, as many are concerned since U.S. president Donald Trump has described military intervention in the country as an “option” not too long ago. This is after various countries have recognized Juan Gaido as the new president of the country. The country has just unveiled 63 pages that unveil a new regulatory…

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Iran Plans State-Backed Cryptocurrency

Often times, when cryptocurrency enthusiasts and proponents think about cryptocurrency and decentralization, we think about the fact that we can provide a way for those who do not have access to traditional financial institutions to have a way to exchange money. We also think about free speech, and the fact that central authorities cannot manipulate currencies. However, there’s a drawback.…

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France’s “Yellow Vest Movement” Gets Its Own Cryptocurrency

A recent political movement has emerged in France called the “yellow vests” movement. The movement began as an online phenomenon earlier this year, and ultimately led to demonstrations in the street by November 2018. The protests ended up expanding past France into surrounding European countries such as Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, as well. Reasons For The Movement The reason…

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