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Luxembourg Passes New Crypto Law

It’s always interesting to follow the stances that certain countries take regarding cryptocurrency markets, and there’s no doubt that there are governments that have gone out of their way to embrace blockchain innovation, while others have cracked down. It appears as though Luxembourg is proving itself more forward-thinking than others. Specifically, Luxembourg is now offering protection to cryptocurrency traders and…

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Ex-NSA Agents Used Bitcoin (BTC) In Hacking Operation

There are many in the traditional finance world that have attempted to downplay cryptocurrency throughout the years. They have brought up the fact that cybercriminals tend to use the digital asset as proof that it is illegitimate, despite the fact that Bitcoin (BTC) has grown exponentially in value over the past several years. However, it doesn’t seem that enough people…

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Italy Might Pass First Blockchain Law

While there are countries that are still arguing about how exactly to classify or regulate cryptocurrency – it appears as though Italy is busy trying to figure out how to use blockchain technology in ways that could make the world more efficiently. Specifically, Italy’s Senate is exploring exactly how to allow for “timestamping” with respect to blockchain and validate documents…

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South Africa Taking Steps To Regulate Cryptocurrency

Even though more individuals, organizations, and corporations know about cryptocurrency than ever, the truth is that many countries do not know exactly how to regulate the sector. There are countries that immediately view cryptocurrency as a threat, while there are others that are seeking to quickly ensure that they embrace blockchain and cryptocurrency to boost their local economy. It appears…

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Jameson Lopp Speaks About Bitcoin (BTC) And Government

There are many reasons to believe in blockchain and cryptocurrency. There are entrepreneurs that love the fact that blockchain can optimize their businesses, and there are human rights advocates that appreciate the transparency of blockchain. Of course, there are differing opinions as to what the true principles of decentralization are, and how blockchain should be applied to society. Jameson Lopp…

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Time Writer Thinks Bitcoin (BTC) Can Help Free Us All

If there is one thing that any cryptocurrency enthusiast should know by now, it’s that the issue of cryptocurrency is polarizing. There are those who swear up and down that Bitcoin is a scam simply meant to fool new investors, and that the entire ICO sector is a sham – while there are many others who believe that cryptocurrencies will…

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Iran Turning To Blockchain?

While there are many individuals in the traditional finance world that still attempt to downplay the cryptocurrency markets, more politicians and businessman are praising the fact that blockchain technology can improve our world in ways that we simply cannot imagine. Interestingly enough, an official from Iran has recently pointed out that cryptocurrencies and blockchain could actually revitalize Iran’s economy. Iran…

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Influential Cypherpunk Passes Away At Age 67

Those who truly understand cryptocurrency history know that the cryptocurrency world owes a lot to the cypherpunk movement, a technologist movement that advocated for privacy and cryptography throughout the 1980s and 1990s in order to redefine the way that human beings, organizations, and institutions interact with each other. There are three individuals that are widely considered “godfathers” of this movement:…

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President Trump’s New Chief Of Staff Loves Bitcoin (BTC) and Blockchain

President Donald Trump of the United States has a tradition of making big announcements on the social media platform Twitter, and that certainly doesn’t seem to be changing, as he named Budget Director Mick Mulvaney as his acting chief of staff. Mulvaney will replace John Kelly as chief of staff, and Trump praised both of them in the announcement on…

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