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New Rules For Crypto In Venezuela

Venezuela has been in the news more than ever, as many are concerned since U.S. president Donald Trump has described military intervention in the country as an “option” not too long ago. This is after various countries have recognized Juan Gaido as the new president of the country. The country has just unveiled 63 pages that unveil a new regulatory…

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Ex-NSA Agents Used Bitcoin (BTC) In Hacking Operation

There are many in the traditional finance world that have attempted to downplay cryptocurrency throughout the years. They have brought up the fact that cybercriminals tend to use the digital asset as proof that it is illegitimate, despite the fact that Bitcoin (BTC) has grown exponentially in value over the past several years. However, it doesn’t seem that enough people…

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Iran Plans State-Backed Cryptocurrency

Often times, when cryptocurrency enthusiasts and proponents think about cryptocurrency and decentralization, we think about the fact that we can provide a way for those who do not have access to traditional financial institutions to have a way to exchange money. We also think about free speech, and the fact that central authorities cannot manipulate currencies. However, there’s a drawback.…

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Thailand Has Developed Blockchain-Based Voting Technology

One of the positive aspects of blockchain technology is that it has the potential to be more transparent than others. Of course, many have pointed out that blockchain could help one of the most democratic processes in the world – voting. It appears as though Thailand is doing more than pointing out, but is actually implementing it. About The Technology…

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Crypto Critic Elizabeth Warren Running For President

One reality of the world is that not everyone will agree with your opinion. Over time, we have seen that entrepreneurs and politicians of all kinds have offered their perspective on cryptocurrencies, some of them more positive than others. In addition, there are other individuals that have slammed cryptocurrency publicly, even before understanding it. One politician that has been particularly…

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Coinbase Supports Syrian Refugees In Greece With Bitcoin (BTC)

Coinbase is still going strong with its “12 Days of Coinbase”, a twist on the popular refrain and song, “12 Days Of Christmas”. It appears as though this is another announcement in conjunction with GiveCrypto, a nonprofit that seeks to distribute cryptocurrency to those in need as quickly and efficiently as possible. How It Works This time, Coinbase will supporting…

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President Trump’s New Chief Of Staff Loves Bitcoin (BTC) and Blockchain

President Donald Trump of the United States has a tradition of making big announcements on the social media platform Twitter, and that certainly doesn’t seem to be changing, as he named Budget Director Mick Mulvaney as his acting chief of staff. Mulvaney will replace John Kelly as chief of staff, and Trump praised both of them in the announcement on…

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France’s “Yellow Vest Movement” Gets Its Own Cryptocurrency

A recent political movement has emerged in France called the “yellow vests” movement. The movement began as an online phenomenon earlier this year, and ultimately led to demonstrations in the street by November 2018. The protests ended up expanding past France into surrounding European countries such as Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, as well. Reasons For The Movement The reason…

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Bail Bloc Is Mining Monero (XMR) For ICE Detainees

It appears as though Bail Bloc is turning its attention to detainees of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). For those who are unaware, Bail Bloc is a cryptocurrency initiative where users install an app, and a small portion of computers’ processing power is used to mine Monero – which is widely considered the most private and untraceable cryptocurrency in…

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U.K. MP Thinks Taxes Should Be Able To Be Paid Through Bitcoin (BTC)

All over the world, there are influential politicians that are arguing about cryptocurrency regulation and how it should be executed. There are those that praise blockchain technology and believe that regulation should spur innovation, and there are other politicians that believe that the sector is rampant with fraud, and that regulation should be postponed until the sector is more understood.…

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