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Zhao Speaks About Potential Of Blockchain With Gaming

There is little doubt that blockchain will change the way that human beings interact with each other and the way that industries operate. However, many blockchain proponents are constantly wondering and debating about which industry will help the most regards with mass adoption. Well, it appears as though Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, has offered his opinion about a…

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Atari Gets Into Blockchain, Thanks To Animoca Brands

There is little doubt that one of the sectors that will be most impacted by blockchain technology is gaming. It seems like every cryptocurrency project acknowledges that the fact that blockchain will allow there to be a verifiable way to appraise digital assets and prevent fraud will be massive, especially considering that billions of people play video games. The video…

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Blockchain-Based Gaming Platform PlayGame Teams Up With Disney

Despite the bear market of 2018, it appears that more blockchain-based companies than ever are teaming up with some of the most powerful and influential corporations in the world. Specifically, Playgame, a direct-to-play gaming platform where users can play for free, create their own competitions, and win pool prizes, has announced a one-year collaboration with The Walt Disney Company Southeast…

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