The 5 Biggest Casino Mistakes That You Can Easily Avoid


If gambling were easy, everyone would do it and you’d be rich by now, and of course the casinos would also run out of business. The truth is that casinos are designed to take your money, not the other way around. If you don’t go in there without a plan for how to keep some of your money, there’s a good chance you will lose everything. If you’re planning to spend some money at a casino, it’s probably a good idea to learn a few things first. Read on to learn the top mistakes to avoid at a casino:

1. Partial Understanding of The Rules

Think about it. Are you really going to put money down on a game that you don’t even know? It doesn’t matter how quickly you learn things – if you don’t research a game before playing, it’s likely you won’t have fun anyway. You need to know all the rules to be able to determine when you’re ahead or not. Remember, clever people created those games, and they use complex algorithms to give the house an edge, so its likely that you’re being set up with every move. Learn everything you can before playing.

2. Failing to Practice for Free Before Playing with Real Money

Every online casino that you visit will offer a way to practice without using real money before you start playing for real. Use these demo accounts to get acquainted with the games they offer, and don’t feel pressured to use your money just yet. It doesn’t compare to the thrill of playing with real money, but it has its own benefits. You will learn much more easily all the rules without putting yourself at risk, and this is hard to do when playing with real money. It also allows you to understand the way the games work, so that you have an actual strategy in place once you start playing. Don’t ignore the demo accounts – they serve a purpose.

3. Not Knowing What You’re Playing


Table games are not all created equal, even if they appear the same. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing the most common casino game, you may come across different variations that make it impossible to win. If the game you’re playing has different rules than what you normally play with, it won’t matter how good you are at the game; you will lose every time. Watch out for roulette, as this has the most variations of any common game. It may be necessary to adjust your odds strategy and betting depending on whether it’s European roulette or not.

Another point worth adding here is that you shouldn’t play the wrong games and expect to have fun. It’s one thing to know the rules for the game, but other games shouldn’t be touched at all unless you know exactly what you’re doing. To keep safe, try the video poker games or craps – they are pretty simple and easy to learn.

4. Taking Excessive Risks

As you spend more time playing, you may find that you take more risks, depending on how much you’re winning or losing. At this point it should be clear that you shouldn’t gamble under the influence. Many people who don’t follow this rule tend to end up in trouble. If you find it hard to control your alcohol, then it’s likely that you will take even bigger risks, even when its not called for. Have someone watch you (like a friend if visiting an actual casino) and keep a clear mind when playing. If you’re winning, figure out early enough when to quit. 

5. Not Knowing How Online Casino Bonuses Work

Casino bonuses are going to be the first thing you come into contact with at your first casino experience, and it’s good that you know how they work. When signing up at in online casino, these bonuses are what they use to attract new players, and although they usually involve some points that you can transfer for cash, they always have a catch and will require you to play a certain number of games using your own money before you’re allowed access to your bonus. Read the guidelines on the website before signing up and check how their bonuses work before attempting to collect anything. Keep in mind that bonuses are used as incentives to attract new customers, and it may not always be possible to turn it into easy money.

Good luck!

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