The Advantages of Blockchain in Gambling

Over the past decade, gamblers have increasingly moved out of traditional brick-and-mortar casinos and begun taking their activities online. However, as online gambling has grown in popularity, it has brought with it a whole new raft of issues.

In traditional casinos, customers and funds are protected by usual security means including closed-circuit cameras, security guards and other measures. When you move operations online though, the potential for hacks, thefts, and corruption becomes far greater. Having to move money into an online account where you must trust it with a third-party is considered risky by many. Furthermore, online casinos have the ability to hide behind technology, making it easier for them to operate fraudulently.

Blockchain technology provides solutions to these problems and many more, helping to make online gambling safer for both the customer and operator, something you can read more about here, where you can also find various sites reviewed and further advice on picking on destination to gamble at.

Benefits of Blockchain

Strong Security

Blockchain technology provides some of the best security available due to the high level of encryption and decentralization involved. With information spread across multiple nodes on the network and encrypted on each, it is not only secure from a single point of failure but also almost impossible to hack.

One of the biggest threats to using online platforms related to finance is having ones personal information stolen. Blockchain not only removes the need to store banking details but also stores personal information in a far more secure fashion.


One of the key benefits that blockchain offers to the online gambling community is transparency. A blockchain network works like a ledger of events that can be viewed by all but altered by none. All actions performed are recorded permanently and immutably in the ledger, ensuring a perfectly accurate record of events that anybody can scrutinize at will.

With this development, customers are given greater peace-of-mind and are far more likely to use a blockchain-based casino that is fully transparent and trustworthy.

Digital Currency

Being able to gamble with cryptocurrencies greatly reduces the problems related to using traditional currency online. Once you have purchased and loaded some cryptocurrency onto a gambling platform, transactions are incredibly cheap and very fast. Costs of additional withdrawals and deposits are also far lower than with fiat currency and failed transactions are unheard of.

Cryptocurrency also opens up online gambling to citizens of certain countries that may have otherwise been unable to access it. Since cryptocurrency is not tied to any specific country, it is not bound by the restrictive financial laws of some more conservative nations.

Fraud Reduction

As previously stated, online casinos have the potential to run their businesses in a corrupt manner through technological abuses. With blockchain technology, all activities are automated on ‘smart contracts’, which can’t be altered or edited by either party. This ensures every transactions is performed honestly and without intervention.

If implemented correctly, an online casino operating on blockchain technology should be impervious to fraud from staff or customers alike.

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