The Rise in Popularity of Bitcoin Gambling


Gamblers the world over have been embracing the digital currency that is Bitcoin over the last few years, and there are many reasons as to why that cryptocurrency has become the most utilized and most popular one with people wishing to gamble online.

The fact that it is possible to make deposits and also get paid out your winnings anonymously, with no limits and also as good as instantly are just three reasons what you may be tempted to use Bitcoin yourself.

If so then there are a few things you will initially need to be aware of regarding being able to use Bitcoin to gamble online with, and the first is that you will need to get a digital wallet, as that is the key to you accessing any Bitcoin you have stored on the blockchain.

Next, you will need to actually purchase some Bitcoin, and to do so quickly and efficiently you can make use of an online digital currency exchange, or you could actually purchase a supply instantly and in cash at one of the many Bitcoin ATM’s that are available around the world too.

Make sure that you keep your log in, access and digital wallet restore details safely stored offline, as that way should you ever lose, damage or misplace the device you have your digital wallet downloaded on, you are still going to have access to your Bitcoin.

Never be too daunted about trying to get your head around how the Bitcoin blockchain works and operates, for it is simply a ledger that ensures all transactions are safely executed and are fully traceable and verifiable, and therefore the blockchain guarantees you of the maximum protection of any Bitcoin you have stored upon it.

In fact, if you have ever used a web or e-wallet before, then you will soon get the hang of using a digital currency wallet such as the Nano Ledger S, a digital currency exchange and also making deposits into and out of any gambling sites you fancy playing or betting at.

Most Popular Bitcoin Casino Games

Make no mistake about it though, no matter what types of casino styled games you fancy playing online, you are going to find plenty of sites offering you the ability of depositing using Bitcoin.

Some of those sites will required you to convert your Bitcoin into the currency the casino or games site is using, however their respective banking interfaces will do that instantly, but some will allow you to deposit and then gamble using any fraction of Bitcoin as your preferred staking option.

One site that is famed for their dice game is, and it offers you a fully verifiable random outcome, so you will above all else always know that you are playing a fair game, with a completely random and provable outcome too.

The game they offer is quite aptly called CyberDice, and it has been designed and developed to give players a basic set of gambling opportunities.

How to Play CyberDice

What you are going to enjoy about playing CyberDice is that the house edge of that game is tiny, in fact is has a house edge of just 1%, which is comparable to games such as Blackjack and Baccarat.

As mentioned above the way that the game has been developed is that once each roll of the dice has been played out your are going to be able to verify and prove that outcome was randomly arrived at, rather than just taking it for granted the random number generator in use at other casino sites for example on the games they offer are fair!

Once you have registered as a new player at the CyberDice site, which is going to take you less than a minute you are good to go, there are no Know Your Customer requirements, so you will never be forced to have to send in or reveal any of your own personal information when playing there.

You can then fund your account with free play credits if you so desire using the Faucet, and once you have done so you can then pick out any of the available betting opportunities, and then send the game into live play.

The range of betting opportunities have however been kept nice and simple, with there being just two of them, those being the Roll Over and Roll Under bets which will see you trying to predict whether the value of the next dice roll will be higher or lower than the chosen number presented to you on the screen.

Pick Roll Over and if the number rolled in is higher than that shown on the screen you win, and conversely when selecting Roll Under you will be hoping the number rolled in will be lower than the value of the number displayed on the CyberDice game screen.

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