The official merchandising outlet for WikiLeaks has announced that it now is accepting Litecoin (LTC) for purchases.

Charlie Lee, Litecoin founder, has been on a recruitment drive of late, putting out the call for merchants and businesses to begin accepting the LTC digital token for payments and purchases. It appears the WikiLeaks Foundation has jumped at the chance, having previously adopted Litecoin for the acceptance of donations alongside Bitcoin (BTC), ZCash (ZEC) and Monero (XMR)

Consumers may now purchase WikiLeaks-related merchandise through six cryptocurrencies, Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCC), Ethereum (ETH), Monero (XMR) and ZCash (ZEC).

The world’s biggest Bitcoin exchange, Coinbase, recently drew the ire of WikiLeaks after they suddenly banned the account of the international whistleblowing service from using their platform.

WikiLeaks speculated that the move was in response to recent financial regulations passed down by the US government, while a Coinbase spokesperson refused to comment on the matter, citing privacy concerns.

In response, WikiLeaks publicly called for a sweeping boycott of the cryptocurrency brokerage, alleging them to be ‘an unfit member of the crypto community’.

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