The world’s first blockchain asset private bank, BitUN has announced its customer base has exceeded 1 million registered users in just 47 days.

This milestone comes shortly after BitUN opened doors on the 7th of March this year. For such period of time, BitUN has managed to attract customers from over 20 countries, mostly from the US, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.

BitUN previously expressed ambition to be the first bank of its kind to provide typically traditional services such as storage, wealth management and payment settlements to their customers – all for blockchain-based assets.

Successfully providing one or any of these services only highlights just how far cryptocurrencies have come over the past decade and questions how much longer some of those operating within the traditional finance sector can continue to deride their legitimacy.

So far, the bank has achieved agreements with international partners including Coinsuper Exchange, Higgs Mining Hashpower Sales Service Platform, IOV Project Foundation and Ping An Security Group. BitUN reports they are currently averaging one new co-operation agreement every week.

Image From Shutterstock