Thousands of Crypto Enthusiasts Swarm The Sunshine State; Sixth Instalment of North American Bitcoin Conference Kicks Off In Miami

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The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) returned to Miami on Thursday for the sixth straight year, attracting record crowds in excess of 4,000, with each paying as much as $2,500 (USD) a ticket to sit in on presentations by leading figures in the blockchain industry, along with paying witness to numerous ICO pitches.

Spanning across two days, TNABC always attracts a hotbed of new announcements from leading players in the cryptocurrency space; Thursday was no different.

Whilst nothing can ever compare to the conference’s most famous announcement, that is, the launch of Ethereum by a young, nervous Vitalik Buterin back in January 2014, day one of 2018’s North American Bitcoin Conference played host to many significant updates from the likes of Dash, BLOCKv, and Wanchain.

Dash’s CEO Ryan Taylor announced new partnerships with Piiko, Strike Social, NREL, and GoCoin.

BLOCKv’s founding CEO, Reeve Collins, introduced vATOM, dubbed a next-generation cryptocurrency, pioneering an entirely new class of asset. Collins explained how vATOM “enables the end user to meaningfully interact with digital tokens. This is the experiential currency of the future.”

Wanchain used their talk to launch their mainnet – Wanchain 1.0. The announcement concluded a joint presentation headed by the president of Wanchain, Dustin Byington, and founding CEO Jack Lu.

Day one of TNABC, located at Miami’s James L. Knight Centre, featured ICO pitches from NapoleonX, Netki, Bitcar, Aitheon, Lucyd, INV Global, Algebraix, Shopin, Solve.Care, ImpactPPA, VinChain, Betrium,, CREDITS, DreamTeam, BestMeta, Ponder, IPwe, and Atonomi.

Many other notable companies in the blockchain market presented, including Craig Sellars (Co-Founder of Tether, Omni, and BLOCKv), Matthew Spoke (Founder of Aion, CEO and co-founder of Nuco), Dr. Patrick Byrne (CEO of tZERO), Malcolm CasSelle (President of Worldwide Asset eXchange [WAX]), Riccardo Spagni (Developer at Monero), and Kyle Lu (Partner and VP of Achain)

Also speaking was Matthew Roszak (Co-Founder and Chairman of Bloq) who discussed upcoming projects VeriBlock, SpaceChain, and Metronome, which will launch in February, making it the world’s first cross-blockchain cryptocurrency.

Jason King (Co-founder of Academy: School of Blockchain) was the “people’s champion” of day one, receiving a standing ovation upon announcing the acquisition of SoftUni, which he described as the “premier software development university in Eastern Europe.”

Financial trading guru Harry Yeh (Managing Partner of Binary Financial) rounded out day one with a presentation which included the following list of the tokens he is keeping an eye on: ADA, EOS, VEE, CVC, SENSE, POLY, UKG, QTUM, ZRX, tZERO, SPANK, QSP, REP, WAX, FUN, KUDOS, and VZT.

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