TokenPay & German Bank Deal Signed, Verge (XVG) & TPAY Debit Cards Coming Soon

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TokenPay, an anonymous peer-to-peer transactional ecosystem, has tweeted that their highly anticipated bank deal with a leading German financial institution has been signed several weeks ahead of schedule.

Only once the agreement has been closed can specific information be released, but TokenPay has confirmed that debit cards for use specifically with Verge (XVG) and the platform’s native token, TPAY, will be available for consumers shortly after the deal becomes official.

TokenPay and the Verge recently teamed up in a controversial crowdfunding campaign related to their securing of a Mindgeek partnership, the parent company of pornography mainstays Pornhub and Brazzers. TokenPay contributed 66,500,000 XVG tokens to the campaign. It can only be expected that any good news for TokenPay is good news for the Verge currency as well.

The TokenPay platform is completely decentralized, powered by the staking of TPAY tokens, which increases the efficiency of transactions and lowering its fees as more tokens are staked. They claim to have the only Android Bitcoin wallet available that operates in this manner, called ‘Proof-of-Stake’.

Both the Verge currency and the TokenPay platform give the user the option of having transactions appear on a public or private ledger, the latter utilizing the untraceable TOR network – which boasts the ability to make all transactions completely anonymous.

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