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Tomochain CEO Updates Crypto Community in Exclusive Interview with BlockchainBrad

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On Thursday, prominent crypto-YouTuber Brad Laurie (more commonly known as BlockchainBrad) uploaded an insightful interview with the leader of one of the crypto industry’s more innovative projects when it comes to Sybil resistant mechanisms and blockchain scalability solutions, Tomochain (TOMO).

In the near-hour-long interview, Long Vuong (Founder & CEO, Tomochain) shared numerous updates with BlockchainBrad. These updates touched upon various elements of the Singapore-registered Tomochain project, such as product development, sharding research, treasury management, token economics, and team size.

Tomochain Continues Talent Top-up

Despite the drawn-out, downward price action that has characterized the cryptocurrency market for all of 2018 thus far, Tomochain continues to hire more staff. According to Vuong, the team – who are currently building a highly scalable, Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible public blockchain – is “growing every month.”

The Tomochain employee base is as big as it has ever been, and totals roughly thirty people spanning across two offices located in Singapore and the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi. At some stage this month, Vuong revealed that Tomochain will formerly announce the opening of a Tokyo-based office, too.

Long is Long Crypto

Asked by BlockchainBrad to share his opinion on the well-publicized sluggish state of the cryptocurrency market, the Tomochain leader, who himself has been involved in the crypto space since 2014 – when he co-founded the well-known NEM (XEM) blockchain project – maintained an optimistic outlook.

Whilst he conceded that “the bear market may still go on for one more year or something,” Vuong pointed to the ever-increasing level of activity in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space as indicative of a headstrong sector that is hellbent on legitimizing the nascent asset class.

For those wanting to hear about other Tomochain-related news – such as the state of progress on the project’s suite of products including Tomo Scan, Tomo Faucet, Tomo Stats, Tomo Wallet, and Tomochain DEX – please watch the full-length interview below:

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