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TomoChain (TOMO) Partners Enterprise-Focused OneLedger (OLT) as Blockchain Enters Mainnet

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TomoChain (TOMO), the self-proclaimed “most efficient platform for the token economy”, has today announced a strategic partnership with one of the industry’s budding enterprise blockchain solution providers, OneLedger (OLT).

The intra-industry partnership will see both projects share technical resources, as well as cooperate in “marketing and co-branding activities to help build both ecosystems and communities,” according to an announcement published by the TomoChain team.

Additionally, it was revealed that OneLedger will explore the possibility of developing a OneLedger-TomoChain sidechain. For those unaware, a sidechain is basically a separate blockchain that is attached to a parent (or primary) blockchain via a two-way peg. OneLedger and a handful of other blockchain startups specialize in the development of sidechains.

According to David Cao (Founder & CEO, OneLedger), both TomoChain and OneLedger “have interacted on numerous occasions;” a testament to both startups’ willingness to collaborate with one another, given that TomoChain’s team works predominantly out of Singapore and Vietnam, and OneLedger’s mainly from Canada.

Commenting on what the partnership with OneLedger means for TomoChain was Long Vuong (CEO), who stated that:

It is our honour to work with the talented OneLedger team to facilitate enterprise integration of blockchain technology. Our collaboration goal is to make the process of onboarding blockchain technology more viable and efficient for enterprises. Enterprises are our important clients and partners, and will provide a great gateway for blockchain technology to reach the mass adoption.”

TomoChain Hits Mainnet Milestone

For TomoChain, the OneLedger partnership announcement came just hours before their public blockchain launched on the mainnet at 16:00 (UTC+8) on Friday. Following this, the TOMO ERC-20 token will migrate – at a one-to-one ratio – from the Ethereum blockchain to the TomoChain blockchain’s mainnet, officially becoming native TOMO. The token freeze date will be taking place on Monday (i.e., December 18th) at 14:00 (UTC+8) on Monday.

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