Top Gitcoin Grantee ‘Burner Wallet’ Ships v2.2; Adds On-Chain, Encrypted Chat, Uniswap-Powered Exchange


In a video uploaded to YouTube earlier today, software engineer Austin Griffith (Director of Research, Gitcoin) demonstrated version 2.2 of his Ethereum-powered Burner Wallet.

The upgrade allows users to send encrypted on-chain messages to one another, as well as import their private key. Additionally, a fully functional xDai-to-DAI-to-ETH exchange was made available in the v2.2 update. Enabling such a feature is Ethereum Foundation Wave II grantee Uniswap, a protocol for automated token exchange on Ethereum.

The Burner Wallet runs on the xDai sidechain from POA Network (POA), an Ethereum-based platform offering an open-source framework for smart contracts. What does the Burner Wallet actually let you do, though? As Griffith explains:

One mobile phone can send DAI to another in 5 seconds with a simple QR code scan without any wallet download, this works on mobile web browsers.”

The exchange function of the Burner Wallet – demonstrated by Griffith in today’s video (shown below) – works regardless of whether or not the user has MetaMask installed; removing a demanding requirement that has continuously seen otherwise curious laypeople refrain from interacting with the Ethereum/web3 ecosystem.

At the time of writing, the Burner Wallet has attracted the largest amount of crowdfunding on Gitcoin’s Gitcoin Grants feature. Unveiled earlier this week, Gitcoin Grants allows anyone to commit recurring token contributions (i.e., made possible by the EIP-1337 Ethereum standard for subscription payments) toward their favourite open-source software projects within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Indicative of just how much the community values the need for a user-friendly solution like the Burner Wallet, Griffith has managed to attract 1,349 DAI in funding within a couple of days, surpassing his monthly goal of 1,000 DAI.

Notable Burner Wallet funders include Igor Barinov (Tech Lead, POA Network), Kevin Owocki (Founder, Gitcoin), Michael Dunworth (Co-Founder & CEO, Wyre) and Richard Brown (Head of Core Community, MakerDAO).

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