TrafficJunky to accept Verge (XVG)

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Web advertising giant TrafficJunky has announced that as of Monday 7th May it will be accepting payment in Verge (XVG). TrafficJunky is owned by MindGeek, which two weeks ago unveiled a pay-in-Verge option for users of its suite of porn websites.

TrafficJunky describes itself as “an innovative web advertising service that manages advertising on some of the world’s largest websites”. It serves billions of ad impressions to dozens of millions of daily visitors. Now its advertisers will be able to pay with cryptocurrency.

Rabih Boulmona, TrafficJunky’s Product and Operations Manager, said that after the porn sites announcement, “it was only a matter of time before we followed suit”, adding that his team was “excited to provide yet another convenient and safe method of payment our members can benefit from.

The option to pay in cryptocurrency does not come as standard but is available on request. Verified advertisers “will be able to fund their accounts using Verge and tap into the TrafficJunky network”, a network which offers “over four billion daily impressions.”

The company dropped a hint yesterday that something might be about to happen. When “XVGMarius” suggested on Twitter that a partnership with Verge was something TrafficJunky should consider as “the future is here for crypto” they responded, “We’d tend to agree! Keep your eyes peeled.”

The news was greeted with enthusiasm by the VergeFam. “Braams” noted that now 12% of all internet traffic was connected to Verge, and suggested that the “moon” was an unambitious target for XVG. TrafficJunky’s social media team responded with approval.

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