TRON have announced a partnership with Hydro Protocol to “work closely on underlying technology, matching methods, transport protocol, and open source public blockchain.” The aim is to provide the cryptocurrency industry with a “secure and transparent experience, with cross-exchange liquidity.

Of particular relevance to TRON traders is the potential for the partnership to enable fast and secure peer-to-peer trading through decentralized exchanges.  

Hydro describes itself as a “next-generation network transport layer protocol for hybrid decentralized exchanges.” It is used for trade matching in DDEX, a decentralized exchange for the trading of Ethereum-based tokens, enabling matching and settlements at “50 times the speed of previous generation decentralized exchanges.

TRON founder Justin Sun pointed out that currently a “centralized trading experience is still the status quo” with decentralized, or peer-to-peer (P2P) exchanges held back by slower transaction times. According to Sun, “Hydro is a great venture into the P2P trading field and has performed very well on DDEX.” Now he hopes the new partnership will allow Hydro to do for TRON what it has already done for Ethereum and “provide traders and industry players a premium P2P trading experience through the TRON network.

For its part Hydro is open to exploring partnerships with other non-Ethereum technologies and has “always paid special attention to development progress of VM-supported public blockchains”.

With TRON’s mainnet now set to launch at the end of May, the stage is set for TRON and Hydro to develop a platform for P2P trading on the new blockchain. Hopes are high that the promised zero fees and high transaction speeds will “provide a better user experience” for all involved.  

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