Researchers from the Digital Asset Research (DAR) have allegedly discovered bits of code in the TRON source that may have been copied from Ethereum and other projects. In an article published on medium, DAR points out the possible plagiarism and mention other technical problems that could impact the launch of the TRON MainNet in a few days.

The main instance of fraud relates to code copied from EthereumJ for use in the Java-Tron client. The article claims the Tron project may be in violation of the GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0 (LGPL) of December 31, 2017, because it doesn’t reference EthereumJ. They believe a number of pieces of code were copied in their entirety or with only minor alterations.

Various code discrepancies, including making unnecessary function title changes, appear to be have done purely to make it more difficult to track the similarities. Lucas Nuzzi from DAR says these problems not only represent plagiarism, and the ethical and legal concerns that come with it, but could also pose technical issues going forward.

Nuzzi believes that new vulnerabilities will present themselves as a result of the repurposed code and that Tron will not have enough time to fully test it.

The Tron MainNet migration is due to take place in only three days time. If the DAR’s report is as serious as they claim, Tron will need to address this issue immediately.

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