TRON founder Justin Sun has had a lot on his mind this week. Yesterday TRON launched the beta version of its mainnet and announced a bug bounty program “aimed at discovering potential technical vulnerabilities in the mainnet.”

With a potential $10 million on offer it is strikingly generous compared to a similar scheme announced this week for EOSIO.

Even with all this going on, Sun has found time to provoke the ethereum community, tweeting this afternoon a set of reasons “why #TRON is better than #ETH.

Why TRON is better than ETH

On the list is TRON’s lack of fees, what he describes as its “popular sovereignty of token” compared to Ethereum’s “authoritarian rules”, and a greater capacity for scaling.

Most surprising is that this is not the first time that Sun has posted a list like this, and the last time didn’t go well.

In April he posted a very similar tweet, though then he boasted of 10,000 TPS, now revised down to 2,000.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin replied with a suggestion of his own. Alluding to the allegations that TRON had plagiarised much of its white-paper, in the English language version at least, Buterin wrote, “better white paper writing capability (Ctrl+C + Ctrl+V much higher efficiency than keyboard typing new content).

Though some in the TRON community were energised by Sun taking the attack to Ethereum, many were surprised by the move, particularly given how it turned out last time.

Just in case Buterin is not aware of Sun’s latest unfavourable comparison, other Twitter users have been sure to @ mention him in their replies. Over to you, Vitalik.

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