Tron (TRX) Hard Fork Challenges Ethereum (ETH) with Promises of Increased Performance and Energy Improvements

The upcoming Tron Odyssey 3.5 hard fork scheduled for the end of this month has been much anticipated for its developments to drive institutional investment. The fork will include new features including multi-signature support and account management, improved security and an events server for decentralized apps (dApps).

However, the fork will also include some impressive features to improve energy efficiency, such as dynamic energy management. The Tron network has experienced a massive surge in daily active users over the past few months as thousands of developers flock to create dApps on its open-source platform. The popularity has greatly increased the number of transactions on the network, which Tron now aims to address via the hard fork upgrade.

Dynamic Energy Adjustment

The dynamic energy adjustment upgrade will reduce overall power consumption by streamlining network efficiency and is expected to provide a 50 percent improvement to performance. With Tron’s dApp transactions already surpassing that of main competitor Ethereum, it’s a much-needed upgrade that could solidify the future success of the company.

Coincidentally, Ethereum developers are also conducting a hard fork this month, also scheduled to occur on February 28th. However, Ethereum’s ‘Constantinople’ fork has already been delayed once due to a vulnerability that could have compromised security.

Market Movements?

Hard fork upgrades usually precipitate market volatility, often in the upward trajectory if they go ahead without any issues. With two major hard forks planned for the same day, this should be an especially interesting one to watch.

With proponents of Ethereum and Tron squaring off against each other to dominate the dApp market, we will likely see significant gains for both assets. In the event that the Ethereum network experiences any further problems or delays though, it could suffer a serious blow from one of its biggest challengers.

However, crypto stalwart Ethereum still enjoys a far better market position than that of new and relatively small Tron. At $14.2 billion, Ethereum’s market capitalization dwarfs that of Tron’s meager $1.58 billion. Both cryptocurrencies have experienced losses in the recent bear market and are currently trading down around seven percent over the past week.

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