TRON (TRX): More Details about Project Genesis and Super Representative Elections

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Justin Sun, the founder of TRON (TRX) has been making waves on Twitter recently, announcing several important developments on the network. He mentions Project Genesis and the upcoming election of Super Representatives for the project. These tweets highlight the progress and transparency of TRON and may influence its performance.

Project Genesis

Project Genesis is a program launched to reward the TRON development community for their work on the network as well as provide a framework for the protocol’s development. The project has a set of milestones with dates ranging from March 2018 to September 2018 (DEV CON). The TRON main net will be launched on May 31st. Several other key dates include a meet up in May and Hackathon in September.

On top of the development events, Project Genesis includes a rewards program that has recently been doubled. Mr. Sun states, quote:

During our test net launch, I announced that 1 Billion USD will be dedicated to the #TRON community rewards program. Now that number is 2 Billion! Welcome to Project Genesis.”

Super Representative Elections

Justin Sun also gives details about Super Representative Elections for the TRON community. After the TRON main net is completed in June, TRON will move from being an ERC20 token (based on the Ethereum network) and become its own independent blockchain protocol.

On June 26 – five days after the migration – TRON will hold its Super Representative Elections and select 27 individuals to, quote “Represent the will of the people, and provide validation and calculation for the network”. On Twitter, Mr. Sun reveals that several key players in the blockchain industry, including Antpool, GIFTO, and OCN will be involved in the voting process.

TRX is flat today, maintaining its market cap of around $2.63 billion and per unit price of $0.04.

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