In a move showing just how confident Tron founder Justin Sun is in the security of his network, the Bug Bounty reward has been pushed up to $10 million.

In preparation for the upcoming MainNet launch on June 26th and in light of the number of security breaches the cryptocurrency world has seen lately, Tron is taking security seriously.

The original bounty stood at only $100,000 when the program was launched just over a week ago, but since been raised 100 fold.

The program, detailed in documentation on Tron’s GitHub, will run from May 31st until June 24th and aims to recruit hackers and developers from the global crypto community to see if they can break the network.

For now, the Tron Foundation are only looking for bugs in its /java-tron and /wallet-cli repositories on GitHub.

Bug bounty programs are becoming more and more common, with fellow blockchain network EOS recently paying out a massive $120,000 to ethical hacker Guido Vranken who found twelve problems with its code. As a result of the find, the EOS mainnet launch was delayed.

Tron’s Bug Bounty program outlines various levels of security each with their own payout structure. Fatal problems involving java-tron nodes or private key leakage can reap rewards of $50,000 or more. Advanced bugs that pose Denial of Service (DoS) threats offer $10,000 or up rewards and Intermediate bugs receive $6,000 or more payouts.

Tron remains on schedule with its MainNet launch program, continually growing its network of supports and collaborators.

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