Prominent alt-coin Tron (TRX) is ramping up the good news ahead of its scheduled MainNet launch on June 25.

A tweet from the TRON Foundation reveals that the first version of their Tron Virtual Machine (TronVM) will be ready for release on May 25, about a month prior to the MainNet launch.

The announcement of the release of TronVM v.0.1 being a full month before the MainNet could be seen as a smooth marketing play targeted at prospective developers for the Ethereum blockchain – a major competitor.

TronVM will give developers the opportunity to use an adaptor to ‘migrate seamlessly from Ethereum dApp projects to TRON’, and will even be accompanied by a rewards program for those that make the switch.

Details of Tron’s MainNet, ‘Odyssey’ were revealed in a Medium post that doubled as a heartfelt letter to investors from CEO and Founder Justin Sun.

Heavy, focused testing will be conducted on Odyssey for three weeks, June 1 – 24. The genesis block (the first block to be mined on the new blockchain) will happen on June 25 and all Super Representatives will be elected the day after.

Since TRON is Java-based and provides a developer-friendly environment, the industry will be able to break away from Ethereum and its low-efficiency, congestion-prone network, high fees, and a steep learning curve. We will open the doors to a new cryptocurrency stage focused on scaling and commercialization, providing next generation infrastructure and express lanes needed for global dApp development.’ the letter reads.

TRON’s market cap has slowly been growing in anticipation, growing from around US$2.6 billion to US4.5 billion in the last month.

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