In the run-up to its mainnet migration tomorrow, TRON founder Justin Sun has released an FAQ answering some of the questions people have been popping up in the past few weeks.

The main focus in the FAQ is on the difference between tomorrows migration and the so-called ‘Independence Day’ on June 25th.

It details the various systems that will be affected and what users need to do to prepare.

Tomorrow (May 31st) the TRON Foundation will release Odyssey 2.0, the name it has given to its mainnet. TRX token holders do not need to do anything before this time.

Once Odyssey 2.0 is launched, ‘rigorous public testing’ will be implemented for the following three weeks until June 24th. If everything has gone to plan, the Genesis block will be created at precisely midnight June 25th (Beijing Time – GMT+8). After this, TRON will no longer be an ERC20 protocol.

It is only after this launch (June 25th) that TRX holders need to make use of the 50+ exchanges that are supporting the migration to move their tokens on to the new system.

From June 1st – June 25th the many TRON partners, including exchanges, developers, wallets and blockchain explorers, will have time to configure and adapt their systems to the new Odyssey 2.0 platform. The process will be open to the entire community to give their feedback, communicate with developers and help ensure the system is ready to go on June 25th.

Secure and Reliable

In the article, Justin Sun goes on to ensure readers that Odyssey 2.0 is secure and reliable. He mentions the 102 new features that have been implemented by the team and details the various collaborations and projects that have helped develop them – including over 500 merged forks, 384 unit tests, 15 blockchain explorers and dozens of iterations.

They have also completed 216 regression testing cases and stringent DDoS stress testing.

The FAQ concludes with the statement:

We look forward to sharing these monumental moments with the community. Stay tuned for May 31 mainnet launch and June 25 Independence Day!”

Never wanting to miss an opportunity in the limelight, John McAfee has weighed in his support for the project in a tweet:

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