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Tron (TRX) To Establish Taiwanese Office, Participate In Taiwan Blockchain Self-Regulatory Body

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Justin Sun, the CEO of the burgeoning cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) has declared that a company office will soon open in Taiwan. Having met with Jason Hsu (Taiwanese legislator) to discuss blockchain and cryptocurrency on Monday morning, Sun also revealed that the Tron Foundation would participate in the Taiwan Blockchain Self-Regulatory Organization (TBRSO), an industry body recently established by Hsu.

The Tron founder couldn’t speak highly enough about the Republic of China and their apparent willingness to help foster blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

In providing valuable insight for members of the crypto community, both Hsu and Sun decided to live-stream a thirty-minute conversation via Periscope. According to the Tron figurehead, the video (spoken in Mandarin) will be uploaded with English subtitles.

Who Is Hsu?

Having made his name in the FinTech space, Hsu has played a major role in spreading the word about cryptocurrencies throughout Taiwan. A boon for the cryptosphere at large, it appears, given that Hsu’s role as a Taiwanese legislator and member of Parliament.

So relentless has Hsu been in espousing blockchain technology, that his efforts have even caught the eye of Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, who dubbed him the “Crypto Congressman”. Buterin, in fact, is but one industry expert that Hsu has collaborated with in his pursuit “to make Taiwan a Blockchain island” – according to a recent blog post.

(Blockchain) Island Hopping

Speaking of those vying to become a ‘blockchain island,’ in an uncanny aside for Tron, this past weekend saw Malta establish a node for the Tron Foundation. Malta has been making impressive strides recently as they too work towards becoming a crypto hub. Of course, they recently marked a major coup by luring Binance across. The leading crypto exchange’s CEO stated that Binance is “convinced that Malta will be the next hotbed for innovative blockchain companies.”

Notably, Binance creator Changpeng Zhao has also been collaborating with Taiwan’s “Crypto Congressman” in recent times, having met at Hsu’s congressional office (video in Mandarin).

On Thursday (PDT), Changpeng retweeted a tweet by Hsu which promoted his ‘blockchain island’ vision (Buterin also commented multiple times).

Again, on Saturday, the Binance CEO thanked Hsu for the dedicated work he continues to put in, citing the recent establishment of the TBSRO as a “healthy method for regulatory framework discovery.”

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