VeChain launches VeChainThor public testnet and so far things are looking good

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VeChain, the “world’s leading blockchain platform for products and information”, has had a string of good news to report recently. Last month it revealed that decentralized gaming platform Plair would be the first ICO to launch on the ecosystem, while yesterday news broke that it has co-founded the Shanghai Wine & Liquor Blockchain Alliance, a traceability system for over 500 retail stores to be established on the VeChain Thor Blockchain.

Now it has technological progress to report too. This afternoon VeChain informed its followers that it has released the VeChainThor public testnet. The source code is available on Github for community comment.

Clean code

The news has sparked considerable excitement in a VeChain community eager to begin testing. Though it will take time to properly check the code, initial responses are positive; so far the most common comments have been variations on “clean” and “well-documented.” One user, Spynipto, said that “Just a quick glance at it shows that it’s actually a really clean, well written code.

Having given his followers some time to get acquainted with the code, VeChain CEO Sunny Lin asked them, “c’est bon?” (i.e. “is it good?”)

Initial replies suggest that yes, it is indeed.

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