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VeChainThor Blockchain-based Plair (PLA) Reveals Public ICO Details

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Plair, a self-described “blockchain gaming ecosystem that rewards Plair tokens (PLA) to gamers for playing, watching, generating content and social interactions within the platform,” has today disclosed the details of its long-awaited October 31st public initial coin offering (ICO).

For the gaming-oriented crypto startup – which has built its solution atop the VeChainThor blockchain – today’s announcement confirmed that recently formed partner Safe Haven will run Plair’s public token sale on its communal funding turnkey solution, ThorBlock.

For Plair, Safe Haven (SHA) – a VeChainThor blockchain-powered platform that provides solutions for digital inheritance and continuity via its patented Trust Alliance Network (TAN) – will serve as an ongoing strategic partner of theirs.

By calling upon Safe Haven’s support at various stages over the course of their roadmap, Plair’s users will feel empowered “by ensuring secure inheritance of widespread digital assets,” Tuesday’s announcement went on to explain.

Plair has 200 million VET (i.e., the native crypto token of the VeChainThor blockchain) worth of PLA left to sell as part of an ICO that started way back on May 25th with a five-day-long private sale round.

Tuesday’s announcement revealed that owners of an X Node – an economic incentive scheme native to the VeChain project – will be granted priority vis-à-vis buying the remaining 200 VET worth of PLA. Depending on one’s X Node status, they could be entitled to as much as a 20 percent discount on purchases of the PLA tokens.

Plair also announced today their decision to increase X Node holders’ “pledging limit to 10M VET per KYC.” Such entities have until October 31st to fill out their whitelist submission and take advantage of this exclusive offer.

From that deadline onward, the public round will take place. Plair revealed to the community that the complete details on how to join the PLA public sale “will be released by next week.”

Plair’s announcement can be read here. It contains information not covered in this article, such as an overview of its major partnerships to date, the required KYC-specific materials, and the jurisdictions in which PLA cannot be bought during the public sale.

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