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Verge announces option to buy cannabis seeds with XVG

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Verge is developing something of a speciality as a way of paying for things you might not want your bank (or government) to know about.

First came the “biggest partnership in cryptocurrency history” which gave users of MindGeek’s roster of porn websites the option to pay in XVG. Now Verge holders will have another way to spend money while keeping the transactions on the down low.

For most people in the developed world the potential use cases of cryptocurrencies are currently limited. If your country’s economy is relatively well run you don’t need to worry too much about inflation, and the existing financial services industry probably takes care of your payment and savings needs fairly well.

However, there is one feature of cryptocurrencies which is particularly attractive: the ability to maintain a level of anonymity in your purchases. Though Bitcoin addresses are not publicly linked to names, it is still possible to see which addresses have made which transfers, allowing the possibility that they might be traced back to an individual.

The so-called “privacy coins” like Monero, ZCash and Verge get around this by shielding certain bits of traceable information, making their use much more like cash.

Verge and cannabis: a natural pair

Mihael, Verge’s core team Community Manager, has announced that Royal Queen Seeds, a well known vendor of cannabis seeds and related paraphernalia, has extended the option to Verge holders to pay for its products in XVG.

This payment route has been made possible by CoinPayments, a gateway for making transactions in Bitcoin and various altcoins.

As ever, the VergeFam are supportive of this new initiative. One member described it as “super awesomazing” and as “one more step towards #massadoption.” Another suggested that after the MindGeek deal, and the option to buy cannabis seeds, surely a tie-in with a gambling platform was now required.  

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