“Verge Surge” Continues: XVG Now Second Most Traded On Binance Exchange

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The feverish speculation as to who might be Verge’s mystery partner, teased as the “largest cryptocurrency collaboration to ever hit the market” which will usher in a “new era in crypto”, has led to a remarkable interest in the cryptocurrency.

“Verge Surge”

At time of writing XVG is trading over $0.082, double its price at the beginning of the month, and the “Verge surge” is showing few signs of abating.

According to CoinMarketCap this morning, XVG’s 24 trading volume was $208,559,000, putting it comfortably in the top 10 of traded currencies and ahead of Ripple’s XRP, despite being available on a lot fewer exchanges.

On Binance, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange, Verge/Bitcoin volume is second only to Bitcoin/USD as the most traded currency pair. On Bittrex, the 7th biggest exchange by trading volume, Verge/Bitcoin is by far the most popular trade.

By any standards this has been an extraordinary month for Verge. There has been bad news, good news, speculation about upcoming news… and still interest keeps rising.

It should be noted that it is not just a speculative frenzy which has driven prices. Announcements of real partnerships have underpinned the price, such as the news that a XVG debit card is in the works.  

The remarkable performance even seems to have taken Verge itself by surprise.

What’s going on?” they ask, to which we might add, what happens next?

There are two things we can say for sure. First: all eyes will be on Verge come the 17th April. Second: the Verge story has become so unpredictable that when it comes to XVG we should be prepared for anything.

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