Verge, with its “VergeFam”, has one of the most passionate and loyal communities in all of cryptocurrency. Now PhanTi, a member of Verge’s core team in charge of outreach to vendors and financial institutions, has called on the VergeFam to show solidarity with other cryptocurrencies.

On Reddit he wrote that “we have something like a common goal in crypto and we won’t get ahead if we keep trolling each other”. Referring to “the current ongoing Monero issues/events” he asked Verge fans to “be kind and smart to other coins/tokens/projects”, adding that he hoped “Monero will solve the issues”.

The “issues” he’s referring to appear to be yesterday’s rumours that Monero was under attack. It went down during the day but according to a member of its core team, this was unrelated to any external actors: “just to clarify that we are temporarily offline for technical reasons completely unrelated to this,” he posted on Reddit.

As natural competitors in the privacy coin space, the Monero and Verge communities have frequently found themselves in opposition. Trying to replace that antagonism with mutual respect, PhanTi echoed his message on Twitter, saying that an attack on any coin, “no matter which (except #bch)- is an attack against crypto as a whole”.

The VergeFam mainly responded well to the request to play nice, though some noted that Monero fans were less than sympathetic when Verge suffered its own network attack last month. However, as Wazzzz89 on Reddit pointed out, this was a good opportunity to take the moral high ground.

For others PhanTi’s magnanimity was a clear sign of Verge’s superiority over other options. “Humbleness will win in the long run”, said “God”, which is why XVG is “the greatest project of all”.

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