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Verge (XVG) gives update on new iOS and desktop wallets

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Swen van Zanten, product developer for the Verge core team, has updated Verge followers on the progress of the upcoming XVG wallets for iOS and desktop. Van Zanten joined Verge in the last two months and leads a team of software developers at Troublefree in the Netherlands..

He said that the team had “recently started to gain some traction on the development of the iOS app” and that “Marvin [fellow Verge software engineer Marvin Piekarek] and I are really hyped about it — it’s a beauty.” Van Zanten said that the project has “some challenges,” and that the “Tor integration into the app was a bit of a pain,” but that “after a couple of sleepless nights, we got it working, and it’s rock solid!

Rather than go into too much detail on the wallet’s functionality, van Zanten chose to chose to share a video to show how things were going.

Apparently the Verge’s community, the VergeFam, has been clamouring for a beta version of the wallet to test. Currently “we’re too far away from a proper beta” for any proper indication of whether or not there will be an open beta stage. However, Verge will try and get one up and running “as it improves the end-product.”

Desktop wallet

Development of the desktop version of the wallet has apparently been “going like a rocket” this month. Though the team is “getting closer to where we want it to be,” there are still significant challenges ahead, such as integrating the insight API which will “replace the connection to the full Verge node.

As is often the case with software development, the end-users have been keen to find out when the applications will be ready. Van Zanten notes that this is a difficult question to answer for three reasons. First, new priorities may drag development resources in new directions. Secondly, development time is not guaranteed as many of the developers also work on other projects. “We all spend our free time on this project,” he wrote, “and are not paid for the long hours that we put in for these very time consuming jobs and projects.”

Finally, the nature of cryptocurrency markets means that being open about dates can lead to speculators engaging in pump and dump strategies. As Van Zanten says on this last point, “we’re in crypto land… No explanation needed.

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