Verge (XVG) users cry out for new, user-friendly wallets

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Today “CryptoRekt”, a systems engineer and advisor for Verge’s core team, put out the call to Verge’s community, the VergeFam, for constructive feedback on “the direction of Verge Currency.” Looking for those “great ideas” which have been floating around but might have been “lost in the void” he promised that the feedback would be viewed by the entire team. Is there, he asked, “something that we as a whole could be doing differently?

The community has begun to respond and one request is being mentioned again and again. What the Verge community really wants is a new wallet, one which works, is intuitive, and is accessible to people without advanced technical skills.

Need for an “idiot proof” wallet

According to “waltyr” the current wallet is “still too complicated for mass adoption.” For Verge to really take off it “has to be idiot proof” and it has to be available on Apple mobile devices.

Verge’s Tor Wallet for Android is currently rated a modest 3.4 out of 5 on the Google Play store. This score does not represent lots of users thinking it’s OK, but instead is due to a lot of people loving it, and a lot of people hating it. Not unlike the Verge currency itself.

Waltyr’s message was echoed by many other Verge users. “westlib” said thatI’m more computer-savvy than most, and I’m having trouble with it” while MrNerd82 pointed out that “us elite nerds can manually download the torrent, integrate it, and sync the last 24 hours of it quick” but unfortunately “Joe Blow doesn’t understand any of that.”

It’s been a wild few months for the VergeFam. In April Verge announced the “biggest partnership in the history of cryptocurrency”, a tie-in with MindGeek and its suite of online porn websites. Since then the currency has suffered from a 51% attack, fallen out with Litecoin’s Charlie Lee and been gifted its own hot sauce.

Now it seems that the community could do with a break from the drama, and would welcome a refocusing on the fundamentals of creating a cryptocurrency that can be used by everyone, not just “elite nerds.

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