Despite facing an impending legal battle with Playboy Enterprises, Vice Industry Token (VIT) is forging ahead with new partnerships.

The internet porn site Tube8 has now become the media reward tokens most recent bed-fellow. VIT will work with Tube8 to tokenize its online platform and reward users with cryptocurrency.

The Next Web (TNW) announced the collaboration via its Hard Fork channel.

Tube8 enjoys 150 million page views per month from its 10 million registered users and hopes to utilize VIT tokens to improve on that number. The website plans to have the new blockchain-based system up and running by year-end, opening up the cryptocurrency sector to millions of new customers.

Robin Turner, a spokesperson for Tube8, spoke to Hard Fork about how tokenization is changing the online porn industry.

For as long as I can remember, getting paid to watch porn was always a pipedream“, he said. “Now, however, with the introduction of VIT, we are marking a paradigm shift.”

Technical and Controversial Hurdles

Tube8 confirmed that there will be no initial registration fee for the system but did not reveal how the rewards will be calculated. The idea behind the concept is clearly to incentivize users to spend more time on the site watching porn. Considering the implications that such a system could pose in relation to pornography addiction, it’s likely it will see some heated opposition from anti-pornography advocates.

From a technical viewpoint, it will be interesting to see how the tokenization project manages to handle the high transaction rate that Tube8’s user-base will bring. Currently, VIT is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain which can only hand 15 transactions per second. However, it plans to migrate to a fork of the 100,000 transactions per second Graphene blockchain that popular blockchain blogging site Steem uses to support its 1 million+ users.

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