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Walmart Selling $1 Bitcoin

bitcoin and dollar bills

The Walmart retail giant has taken to selling one-dollar Bitcoin – albeit, of the chocolate variety, and not the cryptographic bitcoin that we have grown so accustomed to.

Indeed, thanks to longstanding Philadelphia-based candy manufacturer Frankford Candy & Chocolate Company, the Bitcoin name has begun permeating Walmart stores across America.

Posted on Monday to the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit by u/TheKayleMain, an in-store photograph depicts a promotional shelving end stacked with at least nine display boxes of the Bitcoin milk chocolate coins.

As can be seen in the image shown below, Walmart is selling the Bitcoin confectionary product for $1. Community members have had a field day with the “everyday low price” tagline that accompanies the display of the Bitcoin chocolates.

Many approved of u/I_say-NO’s perspective, commenting that Walmart “even got the slogan right;” a reminder of today’s low BTC/USD valuation relative to that which was reached last December.

Walmart selling Bitcoin candy from r/CryptoCurrency

6 BTC = Minimum Investment

According to the Bitcoin-inspired treat’s product page on Walmart’s online store (Walmart # 568259618), the milk chocolate product – dubbed ‘the modern currency in chocolate!’ – is available in a 1.48-ounce mesh bag of six.

Proof of… Sales?

For Walmart – who themselves have been actively experimenting with various applications of blockchain technology – it remains to be seen how willing their consumers will be toward buying chocolate Bitcoins.

Certainly, the Frankford-created Bitcoins will contribute to raising public awareness of the (non-chocolate) bitcoin cryptocurrency; increasing the chance that more people will eventually have their interest piqued by its technological and ideological underpinnings.

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