On Monday evening (PT), Wanchain (WAN) – the interoperability-focused blockchain protocol that is striving to create a new distributed financial infrastructure – published an encouraging summary of their inaugural visit to Malaysia.

Headed by both Bryan Ye (Marketing Manager) and Mark Tan (Malaysian Community Manager), Wanchain begun its “one-week journey” to Malaysia on April 24; proving ample time to engage in collaborative discussions with a host of crypto-related projects.

Cross-Chain Candidate?

A highlight of Wanchain’s Malaysian tour was a visit to the “biggest blockchain centre in” South-East Asia (SEA), the NEM Blockchain Centre; built by the NEM.io Foundation, in partnership with the Australian non-profit, Blockchain Centre.

Here, Wanchain gained insight to all the “upcoming projects” that were being worked on at the NEM.io Foundation’s newly-established Blockchain Centre; the first of what will eventually be five located throughout SEA.

In Monday’s publication, Wanchain hypothesised a future where they host meetups at the state-of-the-art 10,000-square-foot facility. According to them, this would allow “for collaboration between the two forces, Wanchain and NEM, to provide education and technical training for the local developers, equipping them with the skills to better integrate with blockchain services.”

Peer-to-Peer Networking (Literally)

In what was “the first official Wanchain presentation” in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, Monday’s blog post revealed that a “number of discussions surrounding the topic of possible future collaborations” transpired.

Such interactions, which were had with various “startups, blockchain companies and software houses,” were said to have “continued even after the event.”

Forming part of the ~150 people in attendance for the Wanchain meetup were “representatives of Wanchain, Stellar Lumens, NEM and Zcoin.” Interestingly, the publisher of Monday’s update – WAN News Asia – made the point of mentioning the fact that “Wanchain managed to come in touch with all key personnel during their visit.”

No Leisurely Vacation

Whilst visiting, Wanchain also attended a panel discussion on the future of cashless payment in Malaysia. This event, which was held in the Securities Commissions of Malaysia,  gave Wanchain the opportunity to meet with one of its organisers “in anticipation for a chance at collaboration in the near future as Wanchain rebuilds its finances.”

Additionally, another meetup saw Mr. Ye and Mr. Tan complete talks that served as an overview of the Wanchain project, along with the recently-unveiled WANLab – a blockchain accelerator focused on startups building in the Wanchain Ecosystem.

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