WANLab ICO Project CryptoCurve (CURV) Partners With Wanchain (WAN)

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On Tuesday, it was announced that Wanchain (WAN) – an interoperable blockchain – has agreed to officially partner with one of its six WANLab accelerator projects, CryptoCurve (CURV), “to become the ‘Front-End of Wanchain.’”

From Wanchain’s perspective, the decision to permit CryptoCurve the responsibility to handle its front-end design, user-experience (UX), amongst other things, appears sound. Indeed, CryptoCurve (see: pitch deck) exists so as to help expedite “the mass adoption of blockchain technology” by making UX as simple and streamlined as possible; an element the crypto industry has so far struggled with.

And so, as Wanchain continues working toward an early–mid July public launch of the highly anticipated Wanchain 2.0 – which will allow for cross-chain functionality with the Ethereum protocol – CryptoCurve will soon take to publicly releasing their own products; each of which promises to uniquely complement the Wanchain ecosystem.

Per Tuesday’s announcement, these upcoming products coming out of CryptoCurve are:

MyCryptoCurve Wallet – a Wanchain-friendly offline wallet

CurveMask – an interoperable Metamask based on Wanchain

Wanchain Block Explorer – complete with a streaming API service and node clustering to live stream data from the Wanchain blockchain

As an outcome of today’s partnership announcement, “any cryptocurrencies registered and compatible with Wanchain” will, via the Curve wallet, automatically be made available for decentralized, liquid exchange.

What’s more, users of this soon-to-be-released Curve wallet will have the ability to invest directly in Wanchain-specific ICOs; all achievable simply by using the dApp. These users will also be able to “stake CURV tokens for airdrops and create or join ICO pools seamlessly.”

Tuesday’s announcement certainly seems well-timed, for there are a host of ICOs preparing for launch atop the Wanchain blockchain. Of course, April 16th saw Wanchain unveil its very own blockchain accelerator and incubator, WANLab.

Six projects accompanied this WANLab launch announcement, and you can’t help but think that most, if not all, are awfully close to commencing their respective ICO campaigns. Aside from CryptoCurve, the other five WANLab projects revealed upon launch were UTour (UTO), AllSpark (ASK), GameBank (GBC), Abacus, and Freedium.

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