Waves Keeper Available In Chrome

waves crypto symbol

While the cryptocurrency markets have not been bullish for most of the year, we have seen various cryptocurrency projects partner with established financial institutions and established corporations. For example, IBM has partnered with Stellar and PNC Bank – a top 10 US bank – has joined RippleNet. It appears as though more and more, cryptocurrency is partnering with companies that everyday people have heard of or actually utilize in their daily lives.

Waves is a platform that has been praised as an independent and open-source blockchain platform that can properly scale when it comes to building applications and creating new cryptocurrencies. Many have pointed out that it is a platform that could launch many tokens, and that it could end up contributing to mass adoption considering its ease of use.

Waves has announced in a Medium post that it has created a Chrome extension called Waves Keeper, which would allow the user to manage keys and confirm transactions “without exposing any sensitive information to the Web”.

Waves Keeper can not only be utilized with existing WAVES accounts, but multiple addresses can be added, and the user can switch between them, as well. The post points out that Waves Keeper will be available for other browsers soon, as well.

Interestingly enough, WAVES has seen some interesting positive price action, especially given the current bear market.  Specifically, it pumped up in price almost 18% as it surged from $1.35 to $1.59 several hours ago. Here are some tweets showing and commenting about the price action:

Several months ago, WAVES announced that it would manage the data for ROSTEC, a Russian state-owned manufacturing conglomerate that is focused mainly on defense and technology. Many believe that this could potentially lead to partnerships with other major Russian companies, given the fact that Russia’s largest companies – such as ROSTEC – tend to have some sort of government association.

WAVES currently sits at $1.41, with a market capitalization of just over $140 million.

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