The soon-to-be-launched Ethereum-based game (i.e., a decentralized app, or, a dApp), Crypto And Dragons, has partnered with the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) in an agreement that will see its Crypto CollectiblesTM be made available on the leading marketplace in existence for online video game assets, OPSkins (developed by the founders of WAX).

Whilst OPSkins revealed on Wednesday that the Crypto And Dragons monsters “will be available for trade just like traditional items from the game you love,” the follow-up announcement by WAX on Thursday divulged more details and commentary on the partnership.

The post revealed how with Crypto And Dragons having agreed to integrate their in-game virtual assets onto the OPSkins platform, it benefits WAX – and its native same-named Ethereum ERC-20 token – for it stands to “gain additional utility [as] more players are incentivized to join the ecosystem.”

Indeed, OPSkins has been gaining significant traction of late, with WAX revealing that the platform – which currently offers “over five million items” that are purchasable with WAX utility tokens – is recording “over two million weekly transactions.” Their “millions of active customers” are expanding, too; by some 200,000 each month – according to Thursday’s announcement.

OPSkins is rapidly becoming the go-to marketplace to trade Crypto Collectibles, also known as non-fungible tokens or NFTs.”

Giving the Crypto Collectibles TM of Crypto And Dragons their underlying value is their non-fungibility; appealing to gamers who seek comfort in the fact that their in-game appearance is unique to them alone. This attribute underscores Ethereum’s ERC-721 standard; as spearheaded by CryptoKitties last December.

As for Crypto And Dragons, the game – which allows players to collect, train, and battle monsters against other players – it’s currently in pre-sale until May 31st, before then launching in beta next month.

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