What Is the Best Way to Find NFT Drops?

The world of crypto investments just grew bigger with the NFT boom that occurred in 2021. NFTs are selling like hot cakes right now, with the exception that they cost millions. Some of them, like artist Beeple’s collection of 5,000 artworks, sold for nearly $7 million, so it’s safe to say that there’s been a crypto NFT boom.

And that’s only the beginning. NFT drops are being announced every day, and it’s hard to keep track of them all. Those are simply dates for a particular NFT release, be it a song, album, or a new digital artwork. You can’t just find new NFT drops lying around – there are marketplaces with calendars that help you keep track of what’s coming.

NFT Marketplaces

NFTs are sold in special marketplaces. They usually come with a calendar where you can find new NFT drops with ease. This is a term that indicates the release of upcoming NFTs so you can rush to the scene first and get your hands on them.

Most calendars give you the ability to browse per date or see the monthly upcoming releases. Many have a search bar so you can find the NFT you’ve been looking for. It’s all made incredibly easy for new investors and that’s the whole point of NFTs in 2021.

Those who prefer to get their information from social media are in luck. There are plenty of NFT drops profiles on Twitter, updating you on upcoming releases per minute. Facebook groups and forums can also inform you about hot upcoming deals or help you find a new NFT that would look rad in your collection.

Most of these sites also have more information on non-fungible tokens, so if this is your first time entering this exciting world, you should find more information on it at a glance.

Are NFT Marketplaces Free?

Yes, they are. You don’t need to pay to join a marketplace. Many will give you the chance to register for a newsletter so you can always stay updated with the latest NFT drops news. You can then push these notifications on your phone so you never miss a second of action when looking for upcoming NFT events.

Besides offering the latest NFT drops, these marketplaces also give you a chance to submit an event yourself. Since anyone can built a collection of NFTs and sell them online, you’ll need to create an event on a free marketplace so others will be able to view it. In that way, you’ll be presenting your goods to the store, so people can check them and hopefully buy. Who knows? Maybe those doodles you’ve been drawing will sell for millions as NFTs.

Thanks to real-time updates on upcoming NFTs, investors can easily get a hold of the hottest deals. If you’re a non-fungible token investor, you surely have a few NFT websites with calendars in your browser’s favorites. Investors are looking to get the NFT drop on others, and NFT marketplaces and social media profiles are the best way to get important information in advance.

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