Will Las Vegas Embrace Crypto Tech?

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Las Vegas is a playground for gamblers and holidaymakers. Whether you are a full-time professional gambler who haunts casinos across the country or just like the occasional thrill with an online account at Royal Vegas, Sin City can be heaps of fun. Las Vegas has experienced some economic instability of late, which has caused some people to consider how the casinos can still offer amazing experiences for visitors while regaining ground on their revenue. One idea which has been bounced around over cappuccinos and in boardrooms is by embracing cryptocurrency. So, will Las Vegas adopt crypt? We’re here to find out.

Vegas Slow to Respond to Crypto Boom

Las Vegas has been pioneers when it comes to technology. Just a look through their glimmering city and exceptional casino games tells some of the story. However, their innovation and acceptance of new technology has hit a bump in the road when it comes to crypto and especially Bitcoin.

Even though this digital currency has been in play for over a decade, Las Vegas has been especially apprehensive and slow to make their move. This is not uncommon as many governments are worried about crypto, and central banks have taken the same sitting-on-the-fence stance. In fact, Nevada’s gaming commission and taxation department have not devised regulations on its use at the time of writing.

Las Vegas Makes Its Move

Although the lack of regulations is tying the hands of many casinos, some of these casinos are happy for their hands to be tied and have not announced plans or a desire to start using Bitcoin. However, D Las Vegas is the first casino in the area to start accepting it – albeit not for gambling.

They have an on-site casino floor Bitcoin ATM where players can exchange their Bitcoin for US Dollars and start gambling with their fiat currency. Yet, that is not all. The same casino runs a hotel and overnight guests are able to make Bitcoin payments using Bitcoin. They may not have given it a warm welcome but at least it has been made welcome somewhere in Las Vegas.

SmartBox Games

It is a shame that Las Vegas has yet to adopt crypto and their officials have yet to regulate it. This is because gambling machines are now being made specifically for Bitcoin users. One of the most notorious is the SmartBox machine. These gambling machines allow players to gamble exclusively with Bitcoin, for Bitcoin. How long will it take for a SmartBox machine to feature in a Las Vegas Casino? Will they ever? Only time will tell.

Will Online Casinos Have to Step In?

Although Las Vegas seems prepared to embrace cryptocurrency to some degree, it is more likely that a warmer welcome in the industry will come from online casinos. Many platforms are preparing to adopt cryptocurrency as a way of executing deposits and withdrawals. Several companies have yet to implement the technology but may look to do so along with other online casinos in the near future. Thus, taking advantage of a fresh demand for cryptocurrency between gamblers.

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