Ravn – a new blockchain privacy company, has created a ‘world first’ example of an encrypted, anonymous instant messaging app, by utilising the blockchain and its native token ‘KORRAX’ (KRX). The software will be debuting for Android on June 7th and iOS June 25th.

The company claim to have leveraged blockchain technology to create an anonymous and ‘invisible’ fully encrypted messenger app. By using Korrax-Stellar smart contract functionality and the Stellar network, they aim to create a proprietary ‘invisible wallet’ which provides payment and income streams – all anonymous and within the apps ecosystem.

Military grade AES-256 OMEMO encryption protects the user’s data, and helps to anonymise the smart contracts. Their roadmap details how various apps such as photos, voice calls, chat and document editing will belong within the all-in-one encrypted mobile suite and ecosystem.

Ever since the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica debacle, tech consumers and the general public have been more aware than ever of the potential dangers of centralised databases and private data breaches. Demand for encryption and control over personal data is clearly high, and blockchain technology certainly goes some way in giving back ‘control’ over where a user chooses to store their data. Privacy on the blockchain has been more elusive however, especially on public networks. Whilst there are privacy coins, such as Monero and Verge, and upcoming secret smart contracts such as the Enigma project, there has yet to be a real-world deployment of both blockchain and a widely used communication application that is encrypted. 

Whether Ravn and KORRAX (KRX) will be successful remains to be seen. Demand is certainly high for a successful and accessible private consumer blockchain product and chat app. Their ICO will commence on 7th June, with a hard cap of 625,000,000 and a total supply of 2 billion coins.

Image From Shutterstock