World’s first Lisk (LSK) Incubator launches in China

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Lisk has just announced that members of its community in China have founded the first incubator dedicated to the Lisk platform. Lisk is both a cryptocurrency and a decentralized blockchain platform which enables developers to build and deploy applications in the JavaScript programming language.

The incubator, named Elite Center, had its first conference earlier this month in Xiamen, China, with speakers including noted Bitcoin bull Wu Zilong and Li Chunyang, the founder of Whales Capital and BitOcean. According to Lisk, attendees came from all over the country and included “Lisk delegates, community members, blockchain investment institutions, exchanges [and] media outlets,” among others.

Elite Center is an entirely grassroots endeavor, growing from a team of Lisk aficionados who call themselves the “Elite Group.” Together they have two goals. First, to provide a space for early stage investors to find and participate in promising Lisk-based projects.

Secondly, the Elite Group hopes to help Lisk developers and entrepreneurs over the common hurdles holding back development. To aid the business growth of its projects, the incubator will provide free training in PR, marketing and community management.

The Elite Center has an initial $1 million to invest in exciting Lisk projects. It apparently already has two in mind, but plans to bring in at least five candidates, so there is still space for three more.

The Center welcomes applications from all over the world, though local projects will also be able to benefit from the provided office space and onsite recruitment services and product managers.

Interested candidates should email and include an overview of their project.

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